//whoever sent the anon about sophie going to prom im so damn happy you did cause although i dont really ship *them* the idea is genius.  just wanted to let you know from now cause i dont think i can come up with a response very soon but i eventually will!
And those who are wondering what am i talking about well you will have to wait and see (:

//Send me anons as my kid

Take Sophie’s place and say something to Wukong!

Remember in the present time she’s a baby and she can’t talk. but she can be any age you if you want to specify!

I’ll pick some and post them on her blog

If you’re new around here, have no idea who is she and you’re curious, here’s the story of how she came to be!

Why won't my friend who is a piggy buy me wukong?
Why don't you color your "asks"? ... Just sketching is getting boring

How do you feel about Sona-Bae. This is a vital question and the public absolutely has to know about your opinion towards the thing named Sona. Pls.


gangplank already did it, lissandra too. Everyone is doing the ice bucket challenge except you. WHAT ARE YOU, A COWARD?




//Playing Gnar for the first time in a custom bots vs bots game. I squeal very loud.

We’re very good friends!!