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I agree with that comment. If a commission takes you about 1-2 hours then $20 is pretty good because that means $10 per hour which is double the minimum wage for you. Personally I think the prices should depend more on how much work you do than set prizes. Like if I asked for a small animal, colored, $30 might be a bit too much. But for detailed work with a background and stuff, $30 is not enough. I think you should add "prices may vary" to the end so ppl know price changes depending on the work

OH yes you’re completely right, not every work has the same amount of detail and there are times that i take too long on something and i say to myself I should’ve charged a bit more, hehe. I think id rather put the max price up there and if the commission work is very simple Id just make it cheaper. its not fun to be told one price and then be charged more than you thought ;_;


aw man ive read about people that dont appreciate how much time and effort the artist took to reach the current point… but all of you guys who have been supporting in any way, it shows that you understand the effort and honestly thats all i need! 

Hey now that you mention it though, high price and low volume sounds like a very good idea for someone that doesnt have all the time in the world for drawing… i mean, for me it’s nothing but a hobby and if i have the privilege of having you awesome fans who would pay for it, it could be as good as a job while i study this weird ass school schedule (i swear i have classes like at 7 am and then at 7 pm it’s insane) 

I’ll take that in mind, thanks for the ideas! 


h-hEY… iS DAT A BAD THING !! ???!??? ? ??? >8C
i mean who doesnt like compliments? they help a lot ;m;

ok this might be weird to ask...but im a big fan of your work and im also a wukong main :), but my girlfriend mains Nidalee and we've always wanted to see some kind of fan art with them together somehow but cant seem t find any, think u could draw one up for us? :3





click :3

Im just going to say, but in my eyes you’re seriously underpricing on your full colours. Your art is pretty amazing - you deserve to get a bit more :p

//You’re not the first one who says so ;_; but i dunno, i still think 20 bucks is a lot.

or what do you guys recommend me to charge? dunt ask me, self esteem issues still make me think i dont deserve more /shot

It can be a lot, but it depends on how much time you take on a piece. If you take 1-2 hour / piece, then hey, I think $20 bucks is decent. But honestly, when you’re doing commissions it probably takes more than that, right?

Say you take 5 hours for a commission. For a total of $20 USD, you are only making $4/hr and that’s at least $3 USD less than most minimum wages here in the states.

My suggestion is to take the minimum living wage of your area (here in CA, it’s $8 USD / hr) and multiply that by the amount of time you spend on average per commission type. That will be the lowest amount you should be charging. Ideally, you charge at least a few dollars / other currency above what the minimum wage is.

//Woah- yeah an averege pic for me(one character) takes around one or two hours…without counting the sketch phase which could take from 30 minutes to one hour depending how familiar i am with whatever im drawing ;_; 

And well I don’t wanna base myself in the minimum wage of my area cuase I’m from Mexico and…you know

But basing on american wage and all I think 10$ per sketch is fine, but yeah it would be fair to raise at least ten bucks per colored works… hm

WELL yeah thats a bit expensive imo ! But of course, if the person is super popular and got amazing quality they’re up for serious professional prizes. I have a friend that is REALLY popular and has a very acclaimed eye candy art style and i believe she charges somewhat like this.

still, I got the idea that if I charge more than I do now, hardly anyone would buy me anything ;o;

awww man thanks a lot ;A; ngghhg i think 30 would be fair, and it could be the max prize considering I’m not that popular and other artists got better styles… 

gahhhhh you too flattening people //////// all of you are too sweet whY

ALRIGHTY THOUGH thanks a LOT for the information everyone! im getting a better idea how this all works and surely I’ll come to a better conclusion once I think this through more carefully.

I think base price would be like, 30 bucks per one colored and shaded full body and add a bit for a simple background or something ^^

then again it’s not like i NEED a shitton of money cause well, thank goodness i still live with parents so i dont worry about bills and rent and food (for now). this is mostly to rise for my current medical needs. ;3;

once again thank you guys and SORRY FOR THE LONG ASS POST


No. Bad monkey. No being an evil bearded ghost thing. Spongebob already has copyrights to that kinda stuff.

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